• Unstitched Salwar Kameez - Fashion Trend in Indian Ethnic World

    Posted by Tejash Shah

    The semi stitched and unstitched dress materials can be more comfortable rather than stitched dresses. In stitched dresses there is a problem of fitting. You spend money on the dress and then give extra fitting charges and if sometimes it is not according to your body shape then you won’t even like to wear

    While in semi stitched and unstitched dress materials there is no problem of any fitting. You just have to go to designer, select the style or in most of the cases they would say what will suit your body figure such as high neck or low neck, regular fir or body fit, short sleeves or semi/long sleeves, etc. Women’s always prefers different styles and customized outfits to stand alone in the league.

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  • Tips on Selecting the Right Saree, for Indian Wedding Season

    Posted by Tejash Shah

    Trendy Indian sarees are not only limited to Indian women but even to those women who lives in other countries also consider them as regular garments. One of the best reasons of being famous in Indian traditional attire is Bollywood actress as many of Bollywood actresses wear the latest trend saree to attend the international awards ceremony for representing her country. It is also increasingly catching the interest of celebrities across the globe.  

    Saree is some cultural craze whose demand never seems to fade even slightly. The saree is versatile attire that suits the women of all ages, shapes and sizes. The beautiful clothes that are worn seem to move like liquid around the bodies of women and girls. The colors are alive and seem to tell their own story as they provide the essence of femininity to the women. There are a number of latest fashion trendy sarees that can be implemented to appear different every time. If you are considering creating a fabulous look for colorful wedding or special event, the following tips will be helpful to know what type of saree to look for:-

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  • Pantaloons, India's Leading Fashion-Retailer, Forays into the E-Tailing Space with Jabong.com

    Posted by Tejash Shah

    Online fashion-retail in India received a major boost at the Jabong Online Fashion Week with the announcement of a strategic tie-up between Pantaloons, the leading fashion-retailer in the country and Jabong.com, India’s leading online fashion destination.

    Pantaloons is rapidly expanding with a strong national presence through 96 exclusive stores, across 46 cities, 12 of these stores have been launched in the last 6 months making Pantaloons amongst the fastest growing large format apparel retail format. Pantaloons exclusive brands are amongst the most widely accepted in the country with the Indian audience.

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  • What every woman MUST learn from Michelle Obama

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    The tall and elegant Michelle Obama is one of the best dressed first ladies in the history of United States. It is her unique sense of style which makes her a fashion icon in the globe. The vibrant cardigans and the well-fitted sleeveless dresses which she dons with confidence has caught the attention of the fashionistas. With a great sense of style, the first lady of United States has not disappointed the fashion aficionados.  

     A fashion icon

    Michelle features in the list of best dressed women and is a regular as a Vogue cover star. She understands the importance of her look and makes the right clothing choices. Here are some important fashion lessons we can learn from the first lady:

    1. The fashion icon is admired for the poise and grace with which she carries herself.

    2. Fashion savvy women covet her perfectly toned arms.

    3. Moreover, the first lady is aware of her best feature and accentuates it with  the outfits which she selects for herself. This transforms her complete style and gives a boost to her self-confidence.

    4.It has been seen that Mrs. Obama has a penchant for the close fitted sheath cut dresses which enhance her tall and trim figure.

    5. At times, she opts for expensive belts which cinch at the waist accentuating her enviable silhouette. Although she is watched as much as Barack Obama, at times she opts for brave prints and colour schemes.

    6. Most women admire Michelle as she always follows her own sense of style. She narrows down on outfits which work out for her and suit her lifestyle. She sticks to well-designed garments which flatters her personal style.

    7. The personal style which Michelle flaunts sends out the message that to look chic you do not need to cover yourself in expensive labels. You can easily combine an expensive garment with a low end item if you are clever in styling.

    8. Fashion experts feel that the first lady is comfortable in her own

    9. skin and sets trends instead of following them.

    10. She has a bankable wardrobe which enables her to mix and match garments with ease. This sends out the message that you do not have to invest in new garments always to make a style statement.

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  • Indian sarees - A Delectable Ultramodern Choice for Women

    Posted by Tejash Shah

    Indian saree is the eternal attire for every woman. Indian market is full of quaking colors.  There is a huge verity in saree colors available in the online market such as maroon, pink, purple, magenta, rust and many more. The maroon saree with golden embroidery is most beloved color of Indian women. These maroon and red sarees are the stuffy costume for women in Indian etiquette. On the other hand today Indian sarees color is not only limited on red and maroon.
    By the time passes, color options are enhanced for Indian sarees like golden, blue, orange, green, brown, yellow and white as well.

    Chanderi and Maheshwari  Sarees : The Marvelous Indian Sarees :

    You can find major sort of  fabrics in Chanderi and Maheshwari sarees. These are pure silk, silk cotton and chanderi cotton. These sarees are light in weight and perfect for every woman Nowadays, Chanderi sarees are absolutely madness for Indian woman.

    Banarasi  Sarees  : The Fantabulous Indian sarees :

    There are  major sort of fabrics in banarasi saree available in the market. Katan is a famous sort of Banarsi saree which is pure silk, with that woman also love to wear Organza sarees which is pure kora with zari and silk works. With that Murugan, peacock and rudraksha are marvelous fabric in banarasi sarees.
    Wel you can elect many styles of Indian saree like designer saree, embroidery saree, contemporary saree and glamorous saree. So it’s the time to go for wide range of Indian sarees in online market such as Kota, Doria, Gadwal, Paithani, Bandhini, Bandhej, Zari, kanjivaram silk and silk sarees.  

    There is grand variety of Indian sarees approachable in online market. Therefore Indian sarees are most preferable and catchy attire among the Indian women for all type of occasion.

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