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The tall and elegant Michelle Obama is one of the best dressed first ladies in the history of United States. It is her unique sense of style which makes her a fashion icon in the globe. The vibrant cardigans and the well-fitted sleeveless dresses which she dons with confidence has caught the attention of the fashionistas. With a great sense of style, the first lady of United States has not disappointed the fashion aficionados.  

 A fashion icon

Michelle features in the list of best dressed women and is a regular as a Vogue cover star. She understands the importance of her look and makes the right clothing choices. Here are some important fashion lessons we can learn from the first lady:

1. The fashion icon is admired for the poise and grace with which she carries herself.

2. Fashion savvy women covet her perfectly toned arms.

3. Moreover, the first lady is aware of her best feature and accentuates it with  the outfits which she selects for herself. This transforms her complete style and gives a boost to her self-confidence.

4.It has been seen that Mrs. Obama has a penchant for the close fitted sheath cut dresses which enhance her tall and trim figure.

5. At times, she opts for expensive belts which cinch at the waist accentuating her enviable silhouette. Although she is watched as much as Barack Obama, at times she opts for brave prints and colour schemes.

6. Most women admire Michelle as she always follows her own sense of style. She narrows down on outfits which work out for her and suit her lifestyle. She sticks to well-designed garments which flatters her personal style.

7. The personal style which Michelle flaunts sends out the message that to look chic you do not need to cover yourself in expensive labels. You can easily combine an expensive garment with a low end item if you are clever in styling.

8. Fashion experts feel that the first lady is comfortable in her own

9. skin and sets trends instead of following them.

10. She has a bankable wardrobe which enables her to mix and match garments with ease. This sends out the message that you do not have to invest in new garments always to make a style statement.